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I believe there’s a check inside for $,. Quite so. This will save me the trouble of returning it to her. I’m sorry you’re angry. I’m sure my anger means nothing to you, Miss Kay. Neither does my contempt. Good morning. That was a quick interview. Jaume, put this in the wastepaper basket. At o’clock you are to visit a progressive boys’ school. I think it good policy after that awful television business. Have you heard from the Atomic Commission? Not a word. I’ve telephoned them every day for a week now, but can’t get through. If we don’t hear from them, some of these offers may be worthwhile. We haven’t come to that yet. Do you realize you’ve torn up a check for $,? Yes, from that Cromwell woman. Good. By the bye, what is our bank balance? dollars, to be exact. What? Get some sticking plaster! Thank Mrs Cromwell for the check! Surely you’re not accepting it? A bird in the hand, my dear fellow. But Your Majesty’s honor, your pride? Pride? A King has no false pride. Call her up! It’s :, if you’re going to the school you’d better dress. Call up Mrs Cromwell. Here he is now! Your Majesty! Just a moment! Welcome, Your Majesty! How do you do? This is my Ambassador. Well, young man? Your Majesty, we’re not officially open yet but I thought you’d like to see the exhibit, then review the children. I see. Your Majesty. I do hope you don’t mind these press photographers. One of the curses of the th century, I’m afraid. I’m sorry gentlemen, that will have to be all. I’m very sorry, that is the last now. I hope you don’t mind the press photographers. After all, a Royal TV star is quite an attraction. May I explain to Your Majesty what we’re trying to do? A progressive school strives to develop a child’s individuality, to give him full rein to express his feelings and desires on the theory that individuality and genius are cognate. Interesting. We encourage these little people to run their own affairs. Some prefer the fine arts, others the occupational crafts. This young man wishes to present you with a sample of his art. Well!