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Aim at me. I’ll ask you for the last time. Are you sure of your decision? Shoot. Shoot. He can’t. I can’t what? Huh? Do something like this. I can’t do what? Do something like this. What can I not do, Carlos? Don’t kill me. Don’t shoot. Come on, you can’t do it. Because you say so? You can’t shoot. And you can? You can? Yes, I’d shoot, and so would they. No, no, no. What he says isn’t true. What do you mean? No. You’re wrong, Carlos. I’m not as good as you think. I’d shoot, too. I’d shoot, too. Each one will state their case, and then we’ll take a vote. Do you all agree? Good. Do you mind starting, Carlos? Okay, I’ll start. That game with the gun got me thinking a bit. Luis, do you know why I said what I said before? Tell me. It’s nothing personal, you know. Look, imagine you’ve got the gun and you’re thinking of me, okay? That means you’ve voted for me. Vero and Marcel agree, so I’m the one going to prison. The day of the trial arrives, you turn up, declare and say you knew nothing about it. So you commit perjury. Like them. Yes, like them. But they’re more Games more practical than you. Not you. You’d find it harder to live with something like that. Think about it. It isn’t easy, is it? They put me in prison, and at first it’s fine because I’m tough. I find my place in prison. Or at least I tell you that. On the fourth or fifth visit, you think I look bad, different, I don’t know, a bit changed. You think something’s happened but you daren’t ask, because you’re already driving yourself crazy wondering, “Christ, how could I have ed up his life?” And one day you come, and I look really bad, seriously bad, terrible. I’m unhinged, I’ve lost weight, like when we were studying, remember? And, one day, you stop coming. You can’t bear to see me anymore. That’s where it all gets ed. You can’t stop thinking about me, about how I am, if I’ve eaten, if I’ve been beaten up. You can’t concentrate on anything. You can’t sleep. The insomnia starts, the nightmares, the pills. I’ve already got insomnia, Carlos. I’ve already got it, and the pills help me