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Prison Escape Time Hm! Good. Seriously? She’s an inspiration! Perfect! Awesome! Marissa wins. Okay, Tora the explorer, It’s your turn. Come on, tore, hit the dance floor. They just come to me. Oh, what’s wrong, Angelina Tori? Scared to lose? No, no, no, I just hate dancing. Hm, you seem to hate a lot of things. Yeah, I do. I hate everything and everyone. It’s kind of my thing. Oh, well, we don’t hate you, tore. I’m a little scared of you, but I don’t hate you. Oh, it’s okay. You know what, fine. Fine, I will play. But if I win, you have to leave. All right. But if I win game you have to kiss me. I want to play! Or Tori can play. Cool move. Awesome! Right on. Hey, we work pretty well together. This is how I always pictured black people playing this game. We’re much stronger as a team. We should challenge Marissa and Gil. I don’t really do teams. Well, maybe you’ll find that having a partner To keep you on beat is a good thing. I mean, I’m not saying We should start an official dance club or anything. Foot slide! I’m saying maybe just try it for one game, you know? Slap the ground! What do you think? Might make you a better dancer. You know what? Maybe I don’t want a partner Who’s merely averageSized, Somewhat herkyjerky, And pays nowhere close to the attention to detail That one would expect from an aspiring photographer. Tori wins. Congrats. Guess I got to go now, right? Aw. Happy thanksgiving. Bye. And you are my radio Turn you up when I feel low You are the soundtrack to all I know You are the rock to my roll What’s eating Gilbert grape? I love that movie. Oh. Wow, baby, you’re good at that. Where did you learn? Did your mama teach you? Oh, god, you are the blowjob queen. Someone should give you a crown made out of dicks, Made out of wangs. I’m gonna cum. OopsADaisy. Don’t want to come in your mouth. You’re a lady. Where should I do it? Ah, idea. On those tits! Hey, what you looking at? The internet. There’s just pictures Of arctic creatures, polar bears. Polar bears. Going extinct. I see. Yo, dickmuncher, time to go. Black Friday’s almost over,