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Puppet Football Champions My brotherinlaw is a chem professor at Binghamton University in upstate New York, and they’re looking for a writer in residence this semester, cos the one they had died, so I thought of you. You thought of me for a teaching job? Look, you’re going to teach a screenwriting class. You’re going to take some time to figure out your life and write something great. And they’re going to give you a car, a house, a salary. Yeah, a pitiful one I don’t doubt. Well, ifs a lot more than you’re making now. Yeah, but I can’t teach and I hate teachers, you know. They’re frustrated losers who haven’t done anything with their own lives so they want to instruct other people. Oh, forget it, I will just write my script on spec and game Keith? OK. Where exactly is Binghamton? The city of Binghamton is , miles from Los Angeles and miles northwest of New York City. IBM was founded there. Sir, is this your bag? Yeah. Well, we have to check it. OK. Rod Serling, creator of Twilight Zone grew up and was raised there. I admit there’s a somewhat ominous quality to that factoid. What is this? Uh game “Best Original Screenplay.” Dude, you wrote Paradise Misplaced? I did. Yeah, yeah. That’s such a great flick. Thank you. Thanks very much. Yo, Kevin, Ali, come here. This is Keith Michaels. He wrote Paradise Misplaced. You wrote that? Yeah, yeah. A long time ago but I did, yeah. Oh, I love that movie, man. My kids love that movie. Thank you, thank you, I appreciate it. Nice to meet you. Uh, nice to meet you, too. Wow, look at this. I could have brought a bomb on board and no one would have minded. Don’t say that. That’s not good. Oh, you’re so right. I’m sorry. I apologise. I used to know what was funny. Thank you. Thank you. Binghamton is also the birthplace of the Spiedie, a sandwich consisting of cubes of marinated beef, chicken, or pork grilled over a charcoal pit. Binghamton is amongst the top most cloudy and rainy American cities. On the plus side, it is considered “the carousel capital of the world”. It has never been the site of a major riot.