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Queen Shoe Repair ? The stars and the moon. So that you won’t be lonely in the pitch darkness of night, they tell you that you’re not alone! Hitokagetwo’s life signs are fading away. Has it begun? Zenigametwo and Fushigidanetwo are also fading away. So this time was a failure too. Where did everyone go? Aitwo’s life signs are game fading away. Ai. What’s wrong, Ai? What’s happening? Looks like it’s about time to part ways. Ai game Something is coming out of my eyes game What are these? Tears. Tears? They say living beings only cry when their bodies are in pain. Humans are the only ones who let out tears when they’re sad. Thank you. Thank you for your tears. But please don’t cry. You’re living! Stay alive, okay? I’m sure it’ll be fun. Ai, the tears aren’t stopping! What should I do? Answer me, Ai! Mewtwo’s brain waves are vacillating. He seems pretty restless. It’s too dangerous to apply a stimulant to him now. Use a tranquilizer! Put him to sleep! Injecting tranquilizer. game game game game game game game game game . Brain waves are showing signs of returning to normal. Tranquilizer injection complete. Brain waves are normal. Mewtwo has entered a deepsleep state. A long time game I’ve slept for a long time. Things about Ai game Things about the Pokémon created here game Everything disappeared from my memory during my sleep. And then game Where am I? Who am I? I’ve always been seeing a dream of this world without memories. Who are you? Wait! I game I’ll never forget that world where I saw that creature flying. Where am I? Who am I? Who brought me here? Who am I? Why am I here? No game I am simply here. I haven’t game been born in the world. Who am I?! He awoke! Did he do that? How wonderful! Mewtwo has been completed! Mewtwo? That’s you. From the Pokémon considered to be the rarest in the world, we gave you life! Yes, that is the Pokémon considered to be the rarest in the world, Mew! Mew? Is that my parent? My father? My mother? You could say both, but you can’t really say either. You were created with Mew as a base and made even stronger.