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Quick Escape Races So are you breathing freely in the new, free Arkanar? Here. I lost the tablet. Here. Stick it up your ass. Your ass, not this one! Try to make sure the hangman sees it. Okay, okay, I said! Until the day I die, Rumata. Take off your hat. The Keu barons have always had privileges! The Order accepts no privileges. heavy rod whips! Why heavy ones? For thoughts without enthusiasm. Give me Budakh. I’ll do it. Here’s your doctor. Attaboy. You remember about the ears, right? Yeah. Berry. Leave it to me. They’ll steal everything. It is not necessary at all. The Dons have funny asses. Like toads! Like your face! It has be like this, yes. Don, I’ll pay for the balls. Go to hell! Baron, but it’s me who found you! Why are you so Game So good that I found you Game Baron, but it’s me who found you! Why are you so Game Baron, but it’s me who found you! Why are you so Game Doubled up. A courtier must be clean and fragrant. Right? What’s wrong, Baron? My nose has burst. I’m so glad I found you. When you were arrested, I ran here. There were , blacks here. I beat them until Game Oh my God Game Then they threw a cow on me. From the bridge. Watch your leg, Baron. Wait, I’ll press on the door Game How their crummy skulls will crack under our baronial swords! Attack, Barons! Here’s Budakh, not Rudakh. Alive and well. Eating for the road. He looks fine and his teeth are intact. Are you Budakh from Irukan? Baron, this is Budakh. It was me who turned him in. Why? Baron. Firstly, because he has a dog’s name. Secondly Game wait. Secondly what, Baron? I did something wrong. Secondly Game wait. Secondly what, Baron? Secondly Game wait. Secondly what, Baron? I made all of this, every little piece, with my own two hands. years. My whole life. Now I come here to eat. To hell with you! Baron, I need a nail file Game The stuff is right there, on the left. Go be a soldier, son. Don’t you dare look Game Baron or noble Don who let them flog himself Game Baron, the stuff! Celestial fire. Do not fart, you Game Smelly bastard. Little by little Game