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Quick Stick 3, Quick Stick 3 Game, Play Quick Stick 3 Games, Online Free Quick Stick 3 Flash Game

Game Instructions: Mouse to play. 

Their objective is Director Shinozaki. The Police Director? He’s there for a check-up under secret guard. Only a few know about it. I want you to make his rescue your top priority from here on out His life’s at stake, as is the honor of the Metropolitan Police. Prepare a Games insertion With all due respect, Sir, isn’t that a bit risky? Yes, but inevitable. Civilians are out. We ‘re lucky the only hostages are police related. Now hold on! You need to leave. What’re you saying? That you’d kill my daughter to save face? Is that what police do? Women. Your orders, Sir? We haven’t the luxury of time. Send in Games. Understood Games here They’re sending in Games. Mio’s not out yet. Please, I need your help. I beg you. Listen, Games.. ! ‘m truly sorry but there’s nothing I can do. Sir results of Games’s car bomb analysis Thanks. I’m borrowing the car. Okay. Same method. The police have decided to go in with force sending in a Special Assault Team. Stand down! We’ve penetrated the central entrance. B Team C Team.