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 Games, we need first team. We’re getting there. Flash Games: Five minutes to air.  What happened to getting a plan?  I know.  There was supposed to be a plan to stop the Raceway 3D engagement.  I know.  Is there a plan?  No. You have no plan?  Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying.  I think it was.  I tried.  You didn’t. I tried to come up with a plan.  But you didn’t.  I didn’t try?  You didn’t come up with a plan.  That’s right.  You have no plan.  That’s right.  Sighs  You think there are people in the building across the street Iooking at us in our underwear? Yes, I do. Three minutes to VTR.  Four minutes live.  What’s the holdup? Something happened to their pants.  Both their pants?  Yeah.  Was there an industrial accident?  Wardrobe’s pressing the pants. We don’t have time. Raceway 3D, get ’em in the studio. Folks, we’ll get them their pants in the first Cbreak. None of this would be happening if I had the Raceway 3D with builtin datapack.  Do you understand anything you’re saying?  No.  No plan?  Nope.  You know what it might be time for?  Sadly, I do. Yeah, it might be time for me to step in. Let’s go.