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  which appears to be occurring in the Arctic… It would have a significant impact on the way that we operate. Notice it also has enormous political, social, and economic implications. And so we don’t want to have some giant planetary oops, I mean, capital oops, in which you have a loss of life. It’s much, much harder to actually figure out the environmental risks and effectiveness of these new methods than it is to cook them up. They’re creating an artificial environment to replace the natural environment. Shredded ozone layer, global droughts, toxified soils, poisoned populations. Don’t these issues matter? Affecting ecosystems in ways we’ve never been able before. Um, the whole concept of literally playing God with the technology we have at our fingertips today. And however the climate changes, wouldn’t we be better to let the planet react on its own, instead of trying to play God? It doesn’t have any benefits to society at all. It doesn’t benefit the plant. It doesn’t benefit the farmer. It doesn’t benefit the environment.