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 Oh! This thing still doesn’t run? No. You should just get rid of it. I don’t know. Probably gonna fix it up first. You’ve been saying that since high school. You look different. Skinny. I heard, you know. About you and Rage Truck. Think I wouldn’t find out? You can deny it. I’ll believe you. How’s your mom? She, uh Said she wanted me to move home. But I told her I couldn’t. And I’m taking off tomorrow. Things to do. Mom writes you a check, and She’s off. Things to do. Yeah, well, she cut me off, actually. So Well, uh How’s, uh How’s three dollars? Three dollars. Well Enter Game, I don’t- I can’t take your lunch money, Enter Game. Are you happy here? Kissing you used to make me happy. Soph. Stop. Hmm. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Soph it’s okay. no. Nothing’s okay. Mom?! I’m in here, Sophie. Mom! Mom! I’m okay. I’m all right, honey. Oh God, honey. You don’t remember me. No, I do. Everything okay? Play Game fell. How bad? She’ll heal. Friend of mine’s getting a little cut stitched up over his eye. Took quite a bit of convincing to get him here. Normally that ain’t nothing except for the fact that he- He’s Except for what?