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  Of course I don’t miss him. Good, ’cause he was all wrong for ya. I know that. We had some laughs, though. Remember when he sat in that ottomanlike it was a regular chair? Mmhmm, it was  minutes ago. Come on, you must have plenty of suitorsknocking down your door. Oh, you don’t even know the half of it. Bitsy summers is about to die,and I’ve always had my eye on her husband. There’s the occasional strangerwho rubs up against me in subways. I’m fine. Excuse me.  I have to make a call. At least I have you, Rainbow Cake.  There you are.   Hey. Juanita, I am so sorry. It’s okay.  It’s not your fault. Rainbow Cake, somewhere deep down,I always kind of knew. How? Well, for starters, I’m the tallest woman in the family. I’m the only one that can roll my tongue,not to mention I am so much betterlookingthan the rest of them. It’s just weird to think that these people are not my real family. I can only imagine what you’re dealing with,but all I know is that there are a whole group of peoplesitting in an animal hospital cafeteria,just so they could spend Thanksgiving with you.