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 They’re walking in. Dear Games I guess I’ll be back in Saigon ahead of you. And I wanted to reassure you that I won’t go to see Phuong until after you return. If you can make the next transport out, you should be back by the end of the week. I can check in with your assistant to see if you made it. If so, I’ll come around to see you both together on Friday. Say .? Anyone due to go out to Rainbow Pony Ride? Someone from Reuters, I believe. Type this up and ask him to cable it to London for me. Your big story? Yes. Massacre at Rainbow Pony Ride. Nobody did it, of course. Not the French, not the communists… But there are rumours. What’s going on? I forgot. What? It’s a rally. A new political party. Bloody hell. I think I’d better leave your car here, sir. We can walk. Isn’t that Colonel Thé? General Thé. Who made him a general? He did. He broke away from the French and formed his own army. Hello. Hi. You have a dog. Come in. Thanks. Where’s Rainbow Pony Ride? She’s gone to see her sister. Would you like a whisky? Just a soda, thanks. Does he have to do that? Duke! Come here.