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 Rainy Taxi we’ve already made the stab incision right there you can see the add to the. bone. this will be placed up against it. find the bone. brill discrete tunnel. that’s going to go in the nasal pichle grew roll over here. all the way thapa. leveled out of line we made it. marks for the. an internal campuses meal campus area. think they’re back up. when you do cross the address. again the surgeon is the one. in control of the aussie tom so they. system only. does it when you say tap tap. uh… moustache ito movement b. concerted. Rainy Taxi mellow stem susan you know forgive me if i have to. reach around the corner to see. we basically when you start exhaust youngest. the level yes you have me starts. at the in terms of course in. of where the appear terminate. comes close to the performed aperture. to actually are going to have to go backwards into the faced first. and then into the navy’s official group. there could be about three four millimeters. and then you have to tell more. and all. and also moved laterally. so that you can track a wind down into the nasal facial group and then up a. little bit. supplemented tried to demonstrate for you here. down kind of doing this rma funny angle local rural slow. so you can feel and i feel this will not been underneath the skin right here. so i can kinda track which way i’m gone. tap tap lightly. change my hand commission will be a. feel i am. a lot harder tap tap tap tap. right now. which may see is there’s the took the oz two-tone right there. i could feel that very easily with my finger. and that tells me where i am and i want to go to this point right here. leveled out of line and so i’m really almost all the way there. tap tap. jaeger that bong sound change their it one more time not. we have a dull tap their tells us that we’ve come up into the nasal bone the. gets a very. and above this point right here. Rainy Taxi it’s very hard to go through the mail about so what will just pull out the ask. tom i do not take this all stick out. and turn like some people like to do. is what i would really want to accomplish yours to make sure i have a. complete fracture.