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If you don’t want to retract the charges, I don’t care. I’m fed up and ashamed of this, you understand? I don’t! We’re fighting terrorism and you betrayed me! Sir, we found him. Don’t move, I’ll be back. He’s in a hammam. A hammam? Rashid just called. Your passport’s ready. He’ll come with you to Marseille. Everything’s OK. You can relax. There’s only one hammam in Geneva? What’s the address? Yes, I know the place. Thanks. This way. Thanks. Hamid? What are you doing here? I’m here to help you. Listen to me, Hamid. Listen to me. Please, Hamid. The cops know you’re here. Leave! Wait! The clothes! Let me go through. Buzz off!! Rashid, don’t stay there. Go get the car! Hamid! Scram! Listen… Listen… Police! Stop! Get in! I can’t leave him here. Quick! No! Get in! No! Are you gonna be OK? It’s fine. It’s nothing. It’s OK. Do you have the keys? In my pocket. I’ll go get the car. Let’s go together. Police! Don’t panic. Don’t move. Everything’s fine. Face against the wall! The men on the right. Stand up. Surround the car! On the floor! Against the wall! Fast! Come forward. Against the wall. Careful, he must be armed. Search him! Go ahead. CROIX-DE-ROZON CUSTOMS It happened in December. I was years old. I was coming home from school. It was dark outside. I found him in the kitchen. He’d hanged himself. He was just like you. He was lawless. Always short of money. He wanted to be loved but did everything he could for us to hate him. Did you hate him? I was angry at him because he brought me there. Are you still upset with him? No. Are you upset with me? No.