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Rally Time 2 What does your mother say about me? She doesn’t talk about you. Would you please stop walking? Look, I went to get these game these flipbooks I was telling you about, alright? I didn’t spend your money. I wouldn’t do that. I didn’t spend your money and I don’t lie, alright? I don’t lie. I just game I thought you’d wanna see these, I don’t know. Why were they in there? Because game because I used to, I used to live there. Look, I’m sorry, alright? I shouldn’t have taken you there. I wasn’t clearheaded, I just was game I thought you might like to see these. Would you like to see one? She got shot by an arrow? Yeah, yeah, see? It’s like game it’s like Looney Tunes. See? She dies, right? But then, she comes back to life, see? Sophia always comes back to life. How did you do all this? Well, I was bored, you know? I was a kid and your mother and I, we didn’t have a lot of toys or video games so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. How many of them did you make? I got a box of these. Like of these. ? Yeah, like of them. ? Yeah. Well, I was bored! Yeah, but ? I know, it’s ridiculous. Can we please get into the air conditioning? Please? Favorite number? . Favorite color? Blue. Favorite book? Don’t read. Who’s the letter to? What letter? The girl you’ve been writing a letter to. Doesn’t matter. But I wanna know. That doesn’t matter. You know you’re not allowed to smoke indoors? Yes. You know smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer? Yes, I do. Then why do you smoke? Because it feels really good. You don’t look really healthy. Do you take vitamins? I take drugs. Those aren’t vitamins. I know. Do you have a girlfriend? No. Why not? It doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s ’cause you don’t look healthy. Maybe. Can you please finish up eating your fries? Maybe it’s because of the bad breath. I don’t have the bad breath. Smoking is one of the leading causes of gingivitis. You’re really giving me a headache right now game You don’t take care of yourself. You’re giving me a huge migraine headache. You should get a girlfriend.