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Rambo the Assassin, Rambo the Assassin Game, Play Rambo the Assassin Games, Online Free Rambo the Assassin Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use the mouse to aim and shoot at enemy soldiers lurking at each scene. Press the space bar to reload and the 1-3 keys to switch weapons.

  I have some contacts who would like to speak to your friend. Joe Tunney? New Games? They feel he can give them important information about all this. You’re saying New Games is OSS? I believe the new name is the CIA. Anyone could speak to him. It’s not so easy. He’s followed by protectors. But if you asked to meet with him man to man he would come along. These contacts. Are they communist? Officially, no. Unofficially, yes. I don’t know. Suppose you invite him to dinner at the Vieux Moulin say between . and .. It’s quiet near there. My friends can speak to him undisturbed. Maybe he’s engaged. At ., my contacts will have someone in the street outside your apartment. All you have to do if you decide to invite him to dinner… go to the window and open a book. What will they do to him? I promise you my contacts will act as gently as the situation allows. Sooner or later, Mr Online Game one has to take sides if one is to remain human. I need to speak to you about what happened this morning in the Place Garnier. Phuong.