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Red Hey Wizard and all her little adventures. Your mom used to love ’em. She’d laugh at them, she thought they were funny. She thought they were real cool. I don’t know. I don’t remember us growing up with anyone named Sophia. Sometimes I wonder, if maybe she named you after game these flipbooks I used to make. I don’t know. Maybe she mentioned something. She doesn’t talk about you. Actually, she said you were passiveaggressive. Passive what? Passiveaggressive? Passiveaggressive? Passiveaggressive? What does that mean? Look, I have a test tomorrow morning. So if you wouldn’t mind game You got a pencil over there? Make sure you return it. Dear Vista this is the third draft of a letter that is supposed to only be written once. I’m writing to you from a view of the beautiful city that I know you loved. I, unfortunately, need to stick around a little while longer. But I’m starting not to feel so good and I’m wondering how long I can keep this thing up. Mom? Okay. He’s here. I love you too. She wants to talk to you. You can use that phone. Go into the other room. I give you one thing to do. What? You dropped her off alone? She told me to. She told you to? I don’t know what to do with her. Clearly. Nothing changes with you. It’s incredible. You’re a marvel of modern science. You asked me to pick the kid up and I did. You didn’t tell me what to do afterwards. What was the plan then? You were gonna drop her off alone and disappear for another years? Hey, I didn’t disappear. I didn’t disappear You disappeared. Don’t start with that. You told me to off, I ed off. For ing years? I don’t see you calling me. I called you today. Okay? Yeah. And why is that? I’m not getting into this with you right now. I made an error in judgment. An error in judgment? Like when you punched my husband in the face in a public restaurant? Darren can go himself, that little That’s very apologetic. Thank you. That’s great. That weasel. He’s lucky I didn’t kick him in the nuts. He’s still reproducing, can you believe it? I should’ve kicked him in the nuts.