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  Play Games, help me What’s wrong?. There’s a ghost. A ghost? Quick, you need to investigate. Come on, hurry. Is it good? the birthday plan is proceeding. Started Games? Where is it? Aoi, I wonder about supper tonight Today, you leave it to me! You’re so busy. It’s my turn You’re sure? Leave it to me Just focus on your work until then. Really? You act like Play Games All right then. Let’s get into action Wait Games Come on, Play Games I get it. Play Games, we’re here It’s a school. I’m telling you it’s here. Hello, ghost. Where did you see a ghost, Games? This way Or maybe that way Games What? Did someone tell you there was a ghost? Well I heard Aoi speak about it Where did she see it? Let’s go see over there You and Aoi are plotting something. Not too good That will do Aoi, we finished. Let’s see Oh thank you. Definitely, it’s great to have men handy But you’re Play Games passed away That’s the thing Men don’t have to bother with details Right,Redneck Drift 2