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I don’t know about selling this place. Really? Yeah. I mean Sure, it’s an option, but, uh The more I think about it, Selling’s not a good idea, not in this market. Yeah? Yeah, you’re probably right. anyway, who’s gonna buy it? I mean, who- who are we kidding? Right? This house? It’s a beautiful home. Do you remember when you were a kid There was always this one house, right? I mean, it was haunted or there was a witch living inside of it Or it was where a man where a man killed himself. Remember? Yeah. I’ve been living in that house for eighteen months. I mean- You have no idea. Sometimes I have to Actually hide behind the curtains Because there’s this whole stream of little kids and their bicycles Lining up on my driveway, and they’re pointing and trying to get a look And they’re saying, “ooh! That’s where the man killed himself, mommy, That’s where the man killed himself.” Tell you what. Hmm? Let me pay your mortgage. What?! no. I’m serious. No, no, no, no. Rew- really. Look- I’ll just bring you up to date just until we can figure this out, okay? You asked me for my help; let me help.