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Rise Of The Titans 3 You’re about as loose as your mom’s asshole. What have you been doing in my mom’s asshole? LAUGHS Look, just take a sip. It makes you happy, farm boy. When was the last time you could say that? I don’t like it. But it likes you. Come on, now. What are you game pa’s gonna think I got in his. Why do you do that? Don’t get up. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. You look cute when you’re mad. You don’t look too cute when I’m mad, so game LAUGHS Oh! What? LAUGHTER ECHOES LAUGHING Why don’t you kiss me? It’s not a sin if I’m drunk. You’re just chicken, kid. You start believing in hell all of a sudden, or something? I think I might already be there. Nice to see you, too. I don’t mean you, okay? COUGHS Morning. Where were you? Pissing. Where were you? The field. Do you want to go for a walk? Don’t you have to get the car back, or game It’s Saturday. They won’t get up till : or :. So does anyone else live out here? Heh. Uh, no. I bet a bunch of inbred rednecks live out here. SINGS DUELING BANJOS What? What? What do you keep looking around for? Um game Me? Nothin’. Are there bears out here? No. Do you want to go back? No, I’m having fun. Yeah, you’re a riot. Where are you going? Shortcut. Shortcut to us being lost? We cut straight through these woods, we’ll hit the farm. Whoa. You see this before? No. Hey, what are you doing? You chicken? No, but what if it’s somebody’s house? Are you kidding me? No one lives here. Aah! What are you doing? It’s fake. What? Yeah, it’s straw. It’s fake. Oh, my God. Freakin’ scarecrow. Scared you pretty good, old crow. Bite me. Some kids probably put it up as a prank. Can we get out of here? AMANDA: Hey. You came. Who else comes here? No one. Never? No. What are you doing? I don’t want to get my clothes wet. So you’re just gonna take ’em off? You never seen a girl out of her clothes before? Heh. Are you religious? ‘Cause I don’t have to. I don’t want Jesus mad at me. Jesus don’t stay mad too long. LAUGHS You can look now. Aren’t you gonna come in? I don’t know. You don’t have to if it’s a sin. Sinning don’t bother me.