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You guys can extend for as long as you want. I I just need one more month. Right for as long.. No.. Okay, thank you very much, miss, thank you. off! you! sake! me. Holy , cisco, I forgot. Look what I’ve invested in, look at this. Look what I invested in. This is one of those signs that you twirl on the corner. Ooh, that’s like those signs that they have down at the, uh.. Games tax places. Tax places! You’re right, t. That’s exactly right. So, cisco. I was thinkin’ maybe you and junior can, you know like, stand outside and you know, they they they twirl the.. You paying? Yeah. For the roof above your head. This place here is keepin’ us alive. Keeping you alive. I’m all you got. Don’t forget that. And I promised your mama i would take care of you. Don’t. Don’t talk about my mom. Yup. ! What the are you in’ doing? What? Where’d you get that ? Out of my in’ purse! You’re in’ aa. Oh, I’m not in aa. I can’t see that . Tryin’ to stay in’ clean. Cisco! you and stop in’ spittin’ on me. in’ junkie. Cisco, let’s go, bro. Junior, stop poundin’ on the.. You’re gonna in’ break it. What’s up, t? They servin’ ’em nasty ass hotdogs? Why did you do that? Wipe this in’ down! Bro, this look live. Name and sponsor? Uh, boobie. But, umm, I’m not sponsored. You have the registration fee? Uh, yeah. How much? $. Each?, dude. We don’t have $ each. Sorry, guys. This is some bull. Name and sponsor? Hey, we got to skate. There’s a whole bunch of sponsors just watching. I ain’t skatin’ outside the comp like a bum. If you guys want, there’s an after-party at skatopia. I have extra wristbands. Damn! Watch out, bro. Hey, what the, Patty! Oh, . Bro, let’s get in! Yo! Yo! Yo! Molly? Molly? You made all of this tonight? Yup! Oh, I don’t know how to deal but I’m in, bro, man. I mean, what? I’m with this , no question. Come on, boobie, don’t us, man. You know, it’s all or nothing. What if these dudes come back looking for this stuff, bro? Then we stop. And the police? Bro, they didn’t even frisk junior when he got caught. Remember? Come on, man,