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 Five minutes to air. First team in the studio, please. Five minutes.  Telephone ringing  Well… Yes. We’re in our underwear. There’s no question about that. Yes. We’re two grown men with important jobs who are standing in their underwear. Let’s sing a song. Seriously. Yeah.  Dialing  Yeah, this is Popular  Games Road to Station 2. We could use a little wardrobe up here.  lndistinct voices  Flash Games: Stand by. Chris: Loading  and FIX. Will: Stand by, animation. Give me Cleveland and sound on .  What do you think?  About the camera? Not just a camera  the Road to Station 2.  Sounds like a good camera.  It is. Stephon Marbury’s got four fouls. It’s got center spot metering, AP and SP exposure modes, autobracketing, a  FPS motor drive  I’m gonna recut the Twolves.  Marbury’s got four fouls.  TTL and spot preflash.  Sounds like a pretty good camera.  It’s top of the line.  Do you take pictures?  No.  Have you ever taken pictures?  No.  Do you know anything about cameras?  Not as such, no. But you’re thinking about buying one? I’m thinking about buying the Soshi/Suntac RTSlll, yes.