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  I see you’re right. Alright. Play Games’s birthday celebration Let’s do it in grand style Let’s be lavish All right then. Roar Rampage Thanks a bunch Play Games is seeing us from Heaven She must be so glad Dad Play Games is not heaven. She’s seeing us from here Games. Games it’s not You’re right, your mother is always in our hearts It’s not like that father, listen. Play Games is really here She isn’t in Heaven yet. She’s among us What you too Aoi What’s the matter? What’s got into you You’re spooking him out Not at all, today we decided to tell Dad. that you have become a ghost. Hold on. What’s got into you guys? We both think that you should know That Play Games is here among us We want you to know that. . and that is our present to Play Games Dad I didn’t believe it either at first But once I was in danger.  and she came to my rescues But how When Games wears these glasses he can see Play Games He can also talk to her, but I can’t. But I’m convinced now Play Games is here with us.