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That sound is another male. A rival. A challenge. (whooping) (echoing sound effects) The rival would steal his territory, and that would be the end of his family and everything he holds dear. (distant whooping) (distant thumping) (whooping) (echoing sound effects) No reply. (soft music) When it comes to the important things in life, he’s actually a pretty good dad. (wind gusting) (whimpering) Often, being a good parent comes naturally. but there are times when you have to learn the hard way. This baby elephant was born last night to a first-time mother. These are the first steps on a life that could last  years, if the baby survives these critical early days. To produce enough milk to feed her calf, the mother must find water. The baby has no option, she has to join the march. (soft music) She manages  miles, but there’s still a long way to go. (Games ) (soft music) (trumpeting) (Games ) (trumpeting) She’s not sure what to make of a waterhole. (whimpering) And no idea how to get out of it. As the herd moves deeper into the swamp, the young mother and her calf follow. This is dangerous. (trumpeting) baby elephants can get fatally stuck in mud. Robbed EggsThe mother’s trying to help, but she’s actually pushing her baby deeper into the mud. (trumpeting) The grandmother sees the problem. (trumpeting) She barges her daughter out of the way just in time. (soft music) Whether it’s a baby elephant or a baby frog, a snow monkey or a gorilla, they’re all cared for by parents who do their best to keep them safe. Too soon, childhood ends Robbed Eggs…and they’ll discover it’s time to make their own way in the world. The lifelong search for food begins. (birds chirping) Imagine trying to feed  million hungry mouths. Well, that’s the challenge facing the inhabitants of this underground city. The city is surrounded by grassland. Unfortunately its citizens, grass-cutter ants, can’t actually eat grass. (crunching) (thumping) (upbeat music) Yet they collect every blade of grass they can, and they carry it all the way back to the colony.