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  What is your relationship to the General? I’m a businessman and a patriot. Many of the supplies and aid you see are the result of my efforts. Shall we begin? You say you’ve broken away from the French and Vietnamese forces with which you serve. Do any ties remain? The French are colonialists. Not to be trusted. It will take an independent Vietnamese leader to rule our country. How does the General expect to launch a successful campaign against the larger forces of the communists and the French with so few men and supplies? And who is providing the means for the General to achieve this? Has he been fighting his war in the north? There was a massacre at Phat Diem. Were your forces present? Regrettably the General has just recalled that he has an urgent appointment. So, please. Thank you. That was quick. Things didn’t go entirely according to plan. Watch yourself with Joe. I think he’s up to something with General Thé. Can I get a ride to Saigon with you? Something’s wrong with my car. Yes, of course you can. Hello. Some kind soul has had mine cleaned.