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Robot Martial Strategy I post a lot of blogs About my wild adventures, Or, as I titled them, “ventures.” So game that sounds kind of gay. I disagree. Well, welcome home, Joel. I’ll see you around. Hey, I’m gonna be helping your dad out At the vinyl vault this weekend, If you want to stop by. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, man, it’s gonna be tough To box up that whole place by Monday, you know? Why are you boxing it up? ‘Cause your dad is closing it down, Which I’m guessing He wanted to tell you himself. Hell yeah, I think that went well. Ooh, you’re fixin’ my hair I can see that you’ve read them. Well, I see college hasn’t altered Your sophisticated eating habits any. Not now, dad. Hey, what do you say we check out This surrealist photography exhibit At the art museum this weekend? I’d say I’m sureally not in the mood right now. So, no. Want to talk about it? What the hell, dad? You’re closing the store? What? The vault’s an institution. I was gonna tell you guys about that this weekend. Yet you told Joel before us. Joel’s my best employee. He’s easy to talk to. Kind of soothing, Like a woman. Are we broke? Come on in here. Sit down; Let’s talk about this. Yes, I’m selling the shop. No, we’re not broke. Truth is, the store is doing pretty well financially. But most of the business is from collectors online, So keeping the store open doesn’t make sense anymore. Also, I met someone. You did? Anastasia. A stripper? What? I mean, with a name like that, She’s either a Disney princess or a total slut. Come on, she’s a vinyl collector down in Florida. Boo. And I was thinking After Janie graduated this spring, I’d move down there with her. This is place is gonna be Way too big for just me, anyhow. But, hey, We have one last thanksgiving at home before we move. That’ll be fun, right? Okay. Good talk. Am I doing it right? No! Lou, pop your ! I can’t believe my parents turned my room into a gym. Lou, pop that ! Watch my pop. Your is poppin’. Yeah. Girl, it could be worse. I know a chick whose parents Turned her room into a dungeon. Not sure that’s worse. Pop that