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I want the chemical read-outs, as soon as you’ve got them. Affirmative. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen readings are up. Camino cytonic channels, hyperbilia, mitochondria, endoplasmic readings are recording. Magnesium count. ., sir. Hematology, red cell mass, . liters. Hematocrit, .. This is a time warning to all personnel. It is now . All tests must be completed by . All subjects must be returned to their sleeping quarters by . Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! What’s the matter? Oh, I had this awful deram. It was horrible. I was in the hospital and these peopple kept hurting me. And kept hurting me, and I couldn’t do anything. It’s all right now, it’s over. Come and sit down. Here you go, sit down. I’m sorry, I feel like an idiot. But Games it was so real. It’s no problem. No problem at all. What are you doing dressed? Well, to tell the truth, I was on my way to take a little unauthorized tour. Oh, no, you can’t do that. That could be dangerous. Socks, I don’t know if I’ve got a real story here or not. But I’m not going to find out following Duffy around, you know? If you’re going, I’m going. Wrong. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. Just because I get mad at you doesn’t mean I want to see you get hurt. You stay here. The minute you walk out that door, I’m going to call Duffy. Oh, you wouldn’t do that. Try me. You are the most stubborn woman I have ever met. All right, hurry up, go up and change. But don’t take all night! Where are we going? Power plant. What is that, anyway? Looks like a road map to all the tunnel systems. Well, is that good? That’s bingo, Socks. Oh. Come on, lets go. It’s a . It’s programmed not to stop us. Are you sure? No! That’s it. That’s the entrance to the tunnels. Yep, come on. Are you sure you know where you’re going? Not entirely. Oh, terrific. Okay. Where are we? Right beneath the Research and Development area. If they’re keeping any secrets, this is where they ought to be. Oh, boy. Oh, yes. Duffy said they were building an Eastworld. Duffy said a lot of things. Come on. What are you looking for