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Please hurry! Show me the stuff! Luke, put it on the speakers. Nice! Transfer the money. You picked up! Even the Brazilians can’t kill you. I really admire you. Too bad your time is up. Do you know your mistake? You’re too greedy. Money is not an issue. Take it. I can’t spend it all. But you want power. You want to replace me. Don’t be such a ! Your plan really worked. You get the money and the goods. That’s so obvious! With you out of the way, I can pin everything on you. Luckily I didn’t kill you last time, or this won’t work. In your next life, wise up. That’s how you extend your shelf life. But this time, you’re finished. No, you are, Mr. Chairman. A narrow mind makes life difficult for others. A narrow vision can get yourself killed. Greed is normal, but overdoing it will piss people off, especially Mr. Tung. He arranged this just to see how big your appetite is, and how much you can swallow. I’m sure you took the goods last time. Ming, so it was you. Ming, I already told you to hire reputable hitmen. Or at least don’t be stingy. Have fun. Enjoy the ride. Lam! I have the goods. Wrap it up! Right! Forget the massage parlor, go get laid. Get out! Who are you? That day with Lam Tung Yau and the chick in Macau. It wasn’t the first time you called the cops. Well? You have nothing to say? Yes, I’m a cop. I can’t choose who I am, but I can choose who I save. We’re brothers Games right here! If you can’t feel it, anything I say is bull. You want me dead? None of this is necessary. Shoot me! If I hadn’t taken you to Brazil, Kwok Ming would have killed you. You asked me if you caught me betraying you, what I would want you to do. My answer is Games it has never crossed my mind. I never intend to betray you. Now that Kwok Ming is dead, I can spy on the cops for you. We’ll call the shots from now on. And be a double-crosser? Using the cops and the triad to get ahead? That’s so typical of you! So typical! I am Blackjack. Show me the stuff. OK, Cart noodles sold out. Copy! Closing time! Godfather! Thanks for bringing him