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Rome Coliseum 3 pop that , pop that . Girl, why don’t you go out tonight, Get your mind off things? The only way that I could get my mind off things Would be to join a cult and get myself ing brainwashed. Girl, don’t even play about that . I joined a cult once because they had red track suits And I wanted a red track suit. The amount of innocent I saw slain game was not worth that red track suit. Oh, god. Apparently, there is a kegger on plum street By the creek. A kegger by the creek? Tell me you made that up. It sounds like a horror movie. Oh, believe me, it is all too real. Well, then go, and take video. I want to see where Tori the whorie comes from. No, look, the whole point of going to college Is to get away from all of the people That you hated in high school. Why would I want to go back to that? I mean, it would be like taking a mive And then shoving it right back up my butt. Really, girl? Plus, I’m totally fine spending the night in. Oh, oh, I’m gonna fart. Oh, go ahead, honey. No, it’s gonna be so loud. Oh, come on, we’ve been married for years. Oh, my god; Oh, my god. I game I have messed myself. Ooh. Ooh, yeah. Mm, mm. Oh, okay, okay. Girl, you need to get out that house. I’ll send you videos. Yo, queef, sick party! Thank you, my friend. I hope you’re enjoying the delicious libations And jovial atmosphere, yeah? How did you get your parents To let you have the house all weekend? Oh, not even a problem, brother. You see, I have an open dialogue with Mata and Pita. They respect me as an adult, And they trust my wise decisions. I just threw up in this genie bottle. That’s my grandmother! Let her out, man. Let her out! I was like, “excuse me and my awkward approach” Hey, this is my personal hell. , . Aw, that’s adorable. You’re still obsessed with her. No, I’m not still obsessed with her. Yes, you are. When is her birthday? January th, . Nice try. Everyone knows that. Well, no one give’s a about me, So only you should know, when’s my birthday? Um game today? Oh, my god, today. Happy birthday, happy birthday! Happy birthday!