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Ronaldo vs Messi martial Major Garcia, we’ve got a possible sat phone intercept. I need a translator right now. Airman, we have a translator standing by. One second. We don’t have one second.MAN: This is lieutenant habib. Lieutenant, what you’re listening to is a man in a car talking to an older gentleman in the house. HABIB: Okay, he says he gave the chickens to the man in kandora. He’s asking the guy in the van did you get the bottle of wine? So that can’t be mahmoud in the van. He’s a Muslim fundamentalist now. They don’t drink wine. HABIB: Al qaeda agents might use code when they think we might be listening. Chicken is a word they use for money. Bottles of wine could mean bombs. He says they had to hide the wine from Afghan police. Did the guy in the house just call the man in the van mahmoud? That’s right. visual I.D. We need to blow this van up right now. Come on. Lieutenant, mahmoud is the most common name in Afghanistan. It’s like Joe in the us.Sir, his name’s mahmoud, he’s got bombs and he’s coming home for his birthday. All right, set codes.Codes are set Game And armed. ALARM BEEPING MAN SPEAKS PASHTO HABIB: Wait. We can’t wait.The guy in the van called the other guy Uncle. Is the mahmoud you’re after the nephew of anyone in the house? No, he’s the son of the guy in the house. SIGHS But Game maybe the other guy in the van Game maybe he’s mahmoud’s Uncle.Yeah, but was he old enough? I don’t know. MAN SPEAKING PASHTO HABIB: He says there’s gonna be a protest on Tuesday. Well, what he’s saying, lieutenant. We’re just Game shit shit shit shit. Too late. He just got home. Thank you. Out. Maybe we can still hit him right now as he gets out of the van. That way the kids in the house still have a chance.Negative. We’re way too close for squirters. These hellfires Game no joke, man.SIGHS ALARM CONTINUES Come on, mahmoud. Show your ugly Game ing face, mahmoud. It’s a bunch of old geezers. What, is this a shuttle from the old folks’ home? SIGHSme. Oh my God, a baby.me twice. I’m guessing that’s mahmoud. SUE: Not unless he shaved his head.