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It’s not a TV show out there, Mrs. Carr. The reality gets to people who’ve never seen it up close like that. You mean the violence. Look Games When I first started out, I went on a routine call. All right? It was a young kid. He was high on drugs. He was beating on his girlfriend. She couldn’t have been more than , . Sweet girl Games blond hair, blue eyes, so I didn’t pay her much attention. I was reading the kid his rights when she took out a gun and she shot me right here in the chest. So now I restrain felons first with whatever it takes Games Whatever it takes, and that’s how it was last night. I don’t need another bullet in the chest, and you don’t need a dead husband. I’m very sorry if Michael’s upset. I was just doing my job. Pete. Pete, wait. I’m Games I’m glad you got him. That guy’s not going to forget the night he made the mistake of breaking in here. That’s for sure. OK. Enjoy your swim. This is the chromalite, and it serves as the backdrop for the dance floor area here. With this chromalite, we can create any environment. We’ve got cityscape here, but this could be a desert or mountain. Anything. I didn’t know Michael had so many good-looking friends. Are you kidding? We don’t know any of these people. They’re all potential investors or friends of Michael’s lawyer. That’s too bad. Oh, now, there’s one I’d like to meet. That’s the guy I was telling you about. Your cop? Really? Candace said the music’s too loud. Who? Candace. My wife. Roger, I got a question only you can answer. I got an I RS auditor and a lawyer Games Another lawyer joke. Divorce lawyer Games jump off a building at the same time. Who lands first? Who cares? Who cares? Hi. How you doing, Mike? Pete. This place is great. Thanks. Pete Davis. Los Angeles Police. Hello, Pete. Jerry Lurie. Excuse me. Jerry. My wife Candace. Hi, Pete. Roger Graham. Mike’s been talking to me about security for the club. Are you working the area tonight? No. I did the precheck of the exterior. I know it’s normal to have your entrance under the marquee, but it’s too open.