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 Rooster Revenge Game They will be much easier to manipulate and force to do whatever the government wants them to do. So if you control how much food there is or its availability through things like the weather or using the weather as a strategic tool, militarily, um, you can, you know, dramatically influence what’s going on in the country. And by doing that over and over again sequentially through a region, um, it’s possible that you can change the, um, the political spectrum over an entire region by doing this over and over again. Um, maybe even, you know, do it over a much wider region. Rooster Revenge Game Create so much instability that you’re able to, you know, come in and say, “Oh, we have these wonderful, “fast-growing crops, you know, genetically modified. “And you know, this– you’ll have– you’ll have something to eat in less than three weeks.” You know, um, and I imagine that, uh, you know, if you can control the food supply, that you can then consolidate the financial and the political interests of a country. Could predicting the weather enable