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Rural Racer 2 but I’d rather not feel their pain. I’d be a terrible father, no child deserves that. Concentrate or you’ll never be a good cameraman. What’s with him? His mother is sick. She’s here, on one of your pictures. What’s his name? Mom, are you alright? Thanks. Can I have two? What are these? Painkillers. Did you have a nice day? Yes. Saïd and I had a fight. He thinks you’re in love with me. Which is ridiculous, you’re a good friend. My dad wants to invite you for dinner on Saturday. Why? Please Casper, please. Yes? Casper, Pim gave me your number. I’m Robert van Laren. Are you there? Yes I’m still here. Pim told me who you are and now game And now? I’d like to meet you. Okay. Saturday at three pm, in the train station restaurant? Do you know where that is? Yes, no problem. Okay, see you there at three. Who was that? Pim. Where are you going? I need some groceries. Let me get them. I’m looking for healthy food. Where are you? I’m coming. See, this is healthy. Eggplant. And this? Tricolor paprika. This is also healthy, isn’t it? Come. How do you know these things? My dad saw a holistic doctor. A change of diet helped him. Can my mother see him too? Sure. But there is a long waiting list. Don’t forget to wash it. Shouldn’t I remove them all? I didn’t see it. You didn’t? Mince or dice? No, slice. How nice of you to cook for me. Thanks to Anouk. I have to take this. Hi Wouter. Did we have a date? She knows this holistic doctor game Cas, that’s not for me. All they want is your money. You have an insurance. They won’t cover it. All they do is take advantage of desperate people. You’re a lawyer, you do the same. That’s completely different. There’s no need to yell. I’ll be right there. My boyfriend called. I forgot we had a date. Would you mind if I game ? What a pity. Thanks for the lovely meal. Suddenly you lost your appetite. I’ve seen a lot of misery. Parents losing their children and vice versa. It touches me, so I take their photo game but I’d rather not feel their pain. I’d be a terrible father, no child deserves that.