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  We’ll gather. Dana, Gordon’s on your line. Okay. Hello? There are  teams playing tonight. What we want is for one of them to be getting absolutely humiliated in the late innings. Why?  ‘Cause we’re sports fans.  In a haberdashery. Yes. Wow, this is quite a place, huh? Holly, do you know what time it is? It’s half past :. We’re fine. ‘Cause it’s just my mother will be mad if I’m late. We’re fine. Hey,  Free Games, I heard a rumor you were paying a visit. Hi. Dana Whitaker. Hi, I’m Holly. I’m the new nanny.  Deborah had to   I heard. Hey, listen,  Free Games, your dad should be here any minute. He had to go crosstown to interview an ice skater. Do you mind if we wait? No, of course not. No. I’ll just  I have to be here because I got a phone call. Someone’s meeting me here, but I’ll meet you  I’ll put you in the conference room. We shouldn’t be late. We’re okay. Jeremy, come here. Meet  Free Games McCall. Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Jeremy. Hi. Jeremy, could you take Holly and  Free Games to the conference room?  Sure.  I’ve gotta wait here.