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  The place that we are standing now Is the same where a big fire accident took place in , killing  people, the Sandstorm Racing Mayhem college  years on since the incident took place The college has always been closed Nobody ever comes this way After the fire accident, people around here say that ghosts roam around this college One Minute He is Mr.Perumaal When people here are scared as shit to speak about this college He remains the only person whose got the guts to talk about it Yes Sandstorm Racing Mayhem? Dont you believe in ghosts et all? I believe I’ve seen em myself  times But i aint scared and all I was an attender in this very same college So It is in this J.K polytechnic college which the whole town seems to scared about that we are going to stay toight We are going to stay and find out if there is any truth at all to the claims that people in this town have been making Dude, Careful This is the classroom Ya, go up What is this? This is only the library Thousands of books, burnt to ashes These are the only remaining ones It is here that  students died, their bodies as black as charcoal What’s this? Sandstorm Racing Mayhem spiter Meaning? In short, Should a ghost come by This pointer will start moving Yeah bro should we take a video when this pointer moves, the ghost if at all present, will show up on the video Hence am keeping it with me at all times bro, is the pointer moving? No Ask some of your friends to come? Dudes come Small Boys If you are scared bring few others with you Guys, stop fooling around You might do some crap and leave It will mean our dead bodies in the future brother, stop whining ever since you came you’ve been giving only buildups where are the ghosts brother? second saturday leave eh? Dont play Am leaving Come, lets all just leave this place Dude, leave him alone. If he wants to leave, let him leave Must have got scared.Like a pussy Whom are you calling pussy? You only Having come all the way… ssh ssh ssh We are aware that someone has come here? It is for you that we’ve been waiting so long It is only to see you that we’ve all come here sir, what sir this guy is talking like he is talking to some neighbour? Shut the games up You’ve seen only .