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 Santa Claus Jigsaw yeah how much longer? do you want us to clear the body or not? Dont come nearby Move, move, move what? know her? no sir ok ok clear the place all of you leave the place, leave leave dont cry its not her right? you’ve intentionally or unintentionally. Santa Claus Jigsaw done something bad to the kid, nithya her spirit only is seeking a bloodthirsty revenge over you whatever happened till date whatever’s happening now its all her actions,her game she is trying to make you, come to her place, with her game with god’s grace we should put this ghost down in the right way or bad events such as these wont stop occuring Not just that even murder might take place if you agreed to it there’s a malayalee sorceror i know he’s a specialist in controlling ghosts we’ll invite him and do a pooja this full moon the order came from thist area only but he never went to the house from which the order came like he said, his bike was outside this house only so, like he says, the bag must be in here only shall we go inside and just take it? it feels creepy only but what do we do now? it already has killed  dont be hasty if its there,it’ll be inside only right? the sorcerer’s coming from kerala we’ll do a pooja at full moon and go inside with their help he’s not troubled by ghosts all but it aint looking like he’s lying either but he’s seen something and has become terribly scared he keeps talking about a girl, anu if that girl is not found, it is very hard to get him back to normalcy the girl,anu does she really exist? have any of you seen her? why sir? it is possible that the girl’s an imagination could be a ghost also brother? sit down how are you? am fine sir what, delivery eh? yes sir you are able to go and come back these days without feeling scared? am able to sir but; i dont go anywhere after  sir the other day when. i was walking down.Santa Claus Jigsaw  the road there was a sort of breeze like something got into me some weird smell here Santa Claus Jigsaw here keep this under your pillow pray to the amman and sleep your fears will all run away very powerful dont worry nothing would’ve happened to anu who knows.