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Yeah. Hi, guys. Mario Games, wear blue tomorrow. It’ll make your eyes jump off your face. And try to style your hair like Mario Games, with that swoosh thing. Sure, if I got time. Why don’t I do it for you? Let me see what I’m working with. Down. You need product. Come on. Got some mousse in my locker. These are not feelings of love. These are not feelings of love. Hey, Mario. How lame was the art show? Not lame at all, actually. His work has this savagery to it that’s really primal. Sounds kinky. Blank was there. Blank. Stupid name. What, his parents were too lazy to come up with, like, Bob? It’s a nickname. His name is William. Still lame. It was a weird night. In addition to the bloody limbs and severed dolls’ heads, he asked me out. Oh, yeah? Yeah. I mean, yeah. So what did you say? What do you think I said? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Are you going to go? Why would I do that? Why wouldn’t you? So you’d have no problem with me going on a date with him? Why would I? This is a free country. You remind me of that all the time. If you want to go, go. Okay, I will. Have a nice time. I plan on it. May I present the winning look. Why are you going through all this trouble for Mario Games? You said he was a nork. That was before I got to know him. That was two days ago. It feels like forever. He’s so bumbly and funny and such a good listener. Every time I talk, he stops to process what I’ve said. Think how cute our kids would be HalfAsian and the perfect height. Kids? Dawn, you’re not supposed to like Mario Games. You’re supposed to tolerate him, remember? Yeah, but I could use a nice boyfriend, especially one who can pick me up and carry me around. Just think, when we go to a concert, I could finally see what’s going on. Back up, back way up. You can’t do this to Mario Games. He’s fragile and innocent and vulnerable. Aw, like a sweet little baby lamb. No, not like a lamb, like a boy who will fall in love with you and be devastated when in to hours, you fall in love with someone else. You’re right, you’re right.