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He looks like a mad man? yeah, i saw. i dont know. for the past  mins he’s been flipping through the pages of the notebook doesnt look to me like someone whose come to have Game you think he’s going to breakin? go ask him? What if all of a sudden he starts biting? you and your fantasies come Then if sir sees he will shout at us only Just come boss Whom are you looking for? Who the hell do you want? who the games are you? Standing infront of the shop, Get Lost we are telling na? Go sir? No sir, this dork has for a long time been.. what sir? should you have given me a call, I’d have come to the bus stand itself Come sir, Come inside Come Rather than inviting the person in the two of yoi i’ll deal with you later Am very happy that you came sir Actually i’ve been trying to contact you for some  days Ramalingam sir only gave your number They are looking for a bride at your place eh? why do you ask? uhh, your uncle seems to be setting up meetings with weird kinda charactersna? Hence the question dude, does he look like a marriage broker to you? THank you Thank you only if you saw, it would be better sir i aint saying he’s a broker but he might have a beautiful daughter no? for his face, you yhink he will have a daughter like Nayanthara? i think he’s brought in some astrologist sir sir,  mins sir, important call ya, tell sir ask him if he wants something to eat Do you want any tea, coffee? Would you like to have some tea or coffee? I didnt even have my lunch i’ll eat something What do you want to have? meals or parota? One medium margherita Game with double cheese And pepperoni topping One medium margherita Game double cheese, pepperoni topping What english he speaks? Brother whose he actually? Feels like my head will split open not knowing it bro Not knowing something will only make you feel like your head will split open. if you get to know them your head will really open up.