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 But most significant of all, the jaguar has a tell- tale trademark. Instead of going for the neck or snout like most cats do, it kills with a crushing bite through the skull into the brain. This makes the jaguar prime suspect in this case. Even the glyptodont’s defences had a fatal flaw. , years ago another, very different kind of hunter reached this warm corner of the continent. Games’s springs have produced an unparalleled record of these first people… examples of their craftsmanship and hunting expertise, including razor sharp flint spear points… the area was rich in flint for making weapons, and in animals to hunt And with the milder climate, these people probably had an easier life than their contemporaries further north. Small clues to their arrival have survived undamaged over , years… spear points, fishhooks and other glimpses of their daily life, showing the versatility of these first inhabitants of the sunshine state. They hunted a wide range of ice age animals, and Games possesses a unique record of one such encounter. The skull of an extinct bison, restored here, was discovered in one of the rivers. Planted deep in the top of the skull was a flint spear-point. But how did one man and a spear produce the huge force behind this blow? The answer lies with small bits of ivory, like this. They were once part of an ‘atlatal’ or spear thrower. An atlatal acts as a sort of catapult, magnifying the strength of a hunter’s throw, allowing him to launch a spear up to  metres with enough power to drive the point through a bison’s skull. It’s this kind of sophisticated technology that helped these early north americans to spread throughout the entire continent. But what else did they find once they reached Games? Games’s ice age wildlife was remarkably rich and diverse. There were many familiar animals normally found further north, but also creatures unique to the tropics. The result was a mixture of species unlike anything we see today.. And an abundant food source for the human immigrants. So what produced ice age Games’s wealth of wildlife? Part of the answer comes from the ice itself.