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 As vaux’s swift numbers reach a peak in mid september, they attract attention from the locals. Coopers hawks and peregrines pluck a meal from the tumbling mass of birds. In as little as  minutes, as many as  thousand swifts pack into the chimney for the night. While a portland chimney has become a substitute for a tree, another roosting creature has chosen a road bridge in austin, texas as its cave. Visitors to austin have to wait till evening for a glimpse of what lurks within the bridge. As the sun goes down, mexican free-tailed bats begin a breath-taking commute out of the city. This exodus only takes place in summer… free-tailed bats arrive in texas for the spring, returning to mexico for the winter. More than a million of them leave the city at dusk and head into surrounding countryside to feed on insects. The sky over austin swarms with these aerial commuters. It’s incredible that so many bats cram into tiny spaces underneath the bridge. But the battle for living space is now an everyday fact of city life.