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Santas Christmas Cake Shop, Santas Christmas Cake Shop Game, Play Santas Christmas Cake Shop Games

 Santas Christmas Cake Shop its locked inside sir how do i? Ask her to insert the key and open the door where is she? sir, someone killed madam sir murdered ah? yeye yes sir you’re selling stories after getting caught redhanded eh? should i break the door and come inside? I will kill both of you i wont even stop to consider that she’s my wife sir, please listen to me sir First open the door i came to deliver Games sir madam came and got it sir you call her first sir, please listen to me sir Are you going to open the door or not? you mothergamesing bastard Listen to what i have to say listen a little to what i say sir, please sir,please what? sir i came to deliver Games sir you can see my bike standing outside sir ya, there’s a bike there yes sir i came to deliver Games sir Madam only recieved it sir She went upstairs to get cash sir i went up after a few minutes to find her dead sir someone murdered her sir murdered her ah? yes sir i went up again after a few mins only to find her dead body missing sir Someone is here inside sir all the doors are locked sir save me sir ther’s no current also sir please Santas Christmas Cake Shop, please Ok, first you open the door how can i sir? all doors are locked doo ne thing see in the drawer below the tv in the hall see if there’s a key in it go fast Have you spotted it? yes sir is the key there? its not there sir see an EC chair in the hall? do you see  statues by there? yea, yea, yea there will be a small bowl there.check in it is it there? sis its not there here also sir not there ah? you go up have you? going sir reached? yes i’ve come sir ther’s a dining hall right? beyond that there’ll be a corridor on the left. go there did you go? reached sir go to the second room on the right THE SECOND ROOM ON THE RIGHT Did you go? yes sir, yes sir see a dressing table there? yes its there sir open the first draw whats there? WHAT’S THERE? There will be a cloth under it, see is the key there? there are a lot of keys sir among those, the one with the black key chain Grab it and come down quickly Its not opening Santas Christmas Cake Shop, is it locked from outside? who the games is that? who is it? where are you? if i catch you, you’re a goner whose this? hey whose this ah? this is anu only how did..