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  Santa’s penalty kick world cup  what if before that, someone opens the house and sees inside? chanceless as long as shanmugam is scared of ghosts as long as nithya is torturing his daughter we are safe only did you know one thing. According to them there’s no such girl called anu they imagine anu itself might’ve been a ghost huh. you’re a ghost eh. Santa’s penalty kick world cup yes the most dangerous ghoosts in the world are still alive only in the form of humans like us you called the novel am writing dumb na? its worth is  crore rupees saw it. huh even now i’ll say its a dumb novel only its because of the way i told it you yourself are a pussy, how did you manage? Santa’s penalty kick world cup only freaked out people will be able to say stories that make others freak out ok i need to deliver Games i’ll talk to you in two days, ok. Santa’s penalty kick world cup talk for some more time no no, if my phone remains switched off for a long time, doubts will arise.we’ll talk later.ok. when? whenever it is possible you stay safe there come and place it inside how much? the Games have come