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Sara goes to Beach, Sara goes to Beach Games, Play Sara goes to Beach Games

Sara goes to Beach I think you should consider her suggestion. JACK LAUGHS Please, sit down. SYSTEM BEEPING He’s in. You flew all the way to Moscow to surprise him or to catch him, which was it? That’s a rather personal question. Would you prefer impersonal? I’d rather talk than make chitchat, wouldn’t you? If we’re going to be married, I’d like to know that I can trust him. Trust. Truth. I think it’s like most opinions, best unexpressed. CHUCKLES You talk like Pechorin. You’ve read A Hero Of Our Time? I had a misspent sophomore year. Really? Mmm. I love Lermontov. That Russian romanticism is so achingly desperate. Desperate, yes. And insatiable. BEEPS DOOR OPENS It’s about not aging before your time. You don’t understand. Aging isn’t the problem. Dying the proper way, that is the problem. Not if you’ve lived a life without regret. How on earth does one do that? Regret. It piles up around us like books we never read. Well, that’s the past. Can you live the rest of your life without regret? Yes, perhaps. If I feel I have done something truly great for my country. Something my children would have found important. Would have? You’re incredibly beautiful. I hope Jack Ryan realizes how fortunate he is. Mmm. Ready. Okay. Go. TYPING BEEPING BREATHING HEAVILY Okay. CONTINUES TYPING CHIMES BEEPING RAPIDLY TIRES SCREECHING CHANG: Lemkov’s on his way back. Okay, you’re on the clock. Three minutes, . CHIMING SPEAKING RUSSIAN Seal the elevators. No one goes in or out. Find Cherevin now! How advanced is your cirrhosis? You have a yellow tinge to your skin tone. Spiderweb veins on the backs of your hands. You’re stage three, aren’t you? You see? Now we’re talking. CELL PHONE VIBRATES Excuse me. CATHY: No, please take the call. BEEPS They tell me I have less than three months but you probably know that because you are clearly a brilliant doctor. CHIMING PHONE RINGS Jack. JACK: Hey, Teddy, it’s Jack. I’m in Cherevin’s office and I need your help really quick Game I’m having dinner with her. What? Sarah in Arbitrage. STAMMERS That’s great. Look, I need a favor, Teddy.