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Murdered by the fascists! Wake up! Vircimo Bonazza, age , day laborer from the age of seven. Exploited by the landowners! Murdered by the fascists! Murdered by the fascists! Wake up! Jofren Zuelli, age . Wake up! Farm laborer from the age of seven. Exploited by the landowners! Murdered by the fascists! Wake up! Open yourwindows! Why don’t you come down? Wake up! Don’t you want to see? Come down and look at them! Wake up! Look, there’s no one! lt’s over. lt’s all over. lt’s the end. No. No, no! We’re strong! We’re many! We’re united! They’ll kill us all. They’ll kill us all. No, no, no. No. Listen. They’re coming. Yes. They’re coming. They’re here. Look, Anita. l’m not well. Could it be the baby? What a child you are. There’s time. lt’s finished. Hey, did you see? Acrowd like that. No one will believe that all those people are relatives. l don’t believe it. They were over , of them, Barone. Over ,, at least. They’re saying it was no accident. lt was deliberately set. There are , reds out there! Hey, Barone, you look like you’ve been to a funeral. You feel sad? You think we made a mistake? Never regret anything. Never be afraid. The only thing a man has to fear is fear itself. Shall we take some tucks? They give the shirt a greater elegance. l don’t want it to look elegant. l want it to look strong. This isn’t a shirt, it’s a symbol. You’re not a tailor. You’re making a flag for the people. Does it look good, Barone? Uh-huh, more manly. More manly, yes, but not pretty. Not pretty. More manly. Well, good. All ofyou get one. You all get one. You all look like this. Give the people something to follow. Yeah. Give me that pussycat. Listen. Communists are smart. They play on your human feelings. They’re like this little pussycat. lt plays on your human feelings. Huh? Communism is a disease. lt can destroy the world. Come outside. lf this little pussycat has got communism, you can’t think of this little pussycat. You got to think ofall the other pussycats in the world and you got to protect them. You got to protect all those pussycats.