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Scary Maze Game 2, Scary Maze Game 2 Game, Play Scary Maze Game 2 Games, Online Free Scary Maze Game 2 Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use Mouse to play.

 We can’t spare its use on a civilian under the current terrorist threat. Well! ‘m not going to let you kill my daughter! Inspector Games. Commissioner? I want you to find the serum and prevent the bioterror. Or everyone in Tokyo will meet your daughter’s fate. That’s right Games. The police cannot accommodate terrorists Help us no, help the people of Tokyo. There’s no time. With you inside, you’re our only hope. First, secure the anthrax. Do that and I guarantee your daughter will be saved. Promise me. There’s a leak I don’t trust a word you say. I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through. That’s okay When we get out of here I’m going to quit my job and take care of you. I won’t leave you alone again. Things will be different. I’ll be a good mom Okay? You are a good mom. You’ve always been a good mom. Scary Maze Game 2 I love you very much. Look. Happy birthday, Mom I completely forgot It’s today, isn’t it? I wanted to give it to you this morning. Don’t quit your job. Go stop the bad guys Scary Maze Game 2 hold on. I’m going to get you out of here I know.