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Not everyone in class believes in God. Ina? My grandfather died of cancer. The thing is, lots of people recover from cancer, and many die from it. My cousin had cancer and got well. How old was she? She was . It will be a while before Anja is back at school. What about the Junior High School visits and summer camp? And the football tournament? Yeah, we’re really crap without her. She’s okay for a girl. The tournament is still a long time away. Let’s cross our fingers that Anja’s back at school for that. Listen. We were supposed to have Norwegian now. But I thought it would be nice if we could make some drawings and write something nice to take to Anja in hospital. I’m going to draw Anja holding a great big trophy in her hands. One day you’re bound to win this trophy. Your best friend Lars. You’re good at fighting, you’ll beat this. Come on. It’s no fun here without you. Your best friend Lisa. Get well soon, or I’ll come and bump you out of the hospital. Not now? Hi. Hi. How’s it going? How are you feeling? That’s the chemotherapy. But I’ll get well soon, right? I miss my friends. As soon as we get some more soldiers into your blood, they can visit. I promise. Okay? Hi, Anja. Something arrived for you. I think it’s from your class. That’s incredibly nice. I need something to hang it up with. Oh, they’re really great. Games and bump you out of the hospital. Ina Dear Everyone. I’m fine Games Dear Everyone. I’m fine Games That’s great. Two hearts. Is he handsome? You know, when I was your age, I fell in love for the first time. All I thought about was him, the whole time, day and night. Once I rode my bike into the river Games What? Because you were thinking about a boy? He jumped in and got me out, and when we got to the surface, he kissed me. Oh, sweetheart Games If you like, we can cut your hair short. Then it won’t come as such a shock. But will it grow again? Oh yes, it will grow again. Let’s make this into a hairdresser’s salon. You’re going to look so nice with short hair. Okay? Don’t you like it? It’s not that bad, but Games You know, you’ve earned yourself a whole heap of beads.