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You have a light attached to your head, silly. Whoo-wee, look at all the sonar in here. This is biggest sonar I’ve ever seen. Well, okay, let’s go, guys. So, uh, where’s all this sonar? Evo Is this it? Alice I’m pretty sure that’s a wall. Deep So, Maura, where’s the sonar? muffled Maura, what’s going on? What are you doing? Hey! Saving our lives, Deep. That’s what real friends do. You’ll thank me later, when we’re on the new Earth. Deep Hey! Evo Shouldn’t have trusted that Darcy. Could never tell if he had knees. Maura’s the one who tricked us. You’re not my friend anymore! Friends don’t eat and then throw up their friends. Yeah, it’s all Maura’s fault. It’s time for me to really take charge. Ha, are you serious? Shh, I’m waiting for inspiration to hit. Ouch, hey! That inspirational enough for you? Ever stop to think that maybe the whole reason Maura betrayed us is because you ignored her? You’re crazy. Am I, Deep? Am I crazy for thinking we’re all in this together? Uh-oh. For thinking that maybe if you trust us there might be some slim chance we could actually find Nathan! Excuse me. screaming Hey, wait, why are we all screaming? Are, are you Nathan? Oh, well yes, I suppose I am. cheering Nathan, you got to come back with us. I’m sorry, little one. But I’m a bit tied up at the moment. Can’t you break out? You’re huge. What for? In my day, the ocean was teeming with life. But now it’s a vast pit of broken dreams and all my friends are dead. Boy, this guy’s a bucket of cheer. And that’s me talking. Nathan, sir, I just Ah! Hi, Nathan, I’m Deep and I’m in charge here. Back off, Deep. Haven’t you done enough harm? stuttering But, I I’m warning you. One, two, three! beeping computer voice Begin launch sequence. gasps What did I do? I don’t know but it looks like this ship is turning on. computer voice Initiate sequence. Thirty minutes till launch. Somebody do something! It’s no use. Yes it is. Huh? You said all your friends were dead. Well, what about the Kraken? The Kraken? He’s alive? Yeah, he’s the one who sent us to find you.