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in orderto lift the curse because an innocent jinn was killed Game we need to dig out the jinn from its burial spot Game and wrap herin a holy cloth and bury it somewhere. Arab nomads used to bury the jinns they accidentaly killed in the desert to avoid the curse. So we’re going to the cursed tree? First lets drop by the town and get a shovel and shroud. I found it Are you going to open it? I don’t know. What’s this? What’s in here? Faruk hodja Where are you going? Give me the camera. . Don’t film me when I’m burying the jinn. Okay. Do you need any help? No. What happened? Is it over? It’s over. I buried it. What’s that? Calm down. calm down. Faruk hodja. Zuzula jinn clan. I have given you Sare’s dead body. If you can hear me Game Sare Game She is in the ground with a clean body. Leave alone. We did our part. And you stay away from that body It’s done. Games What do you mean? Games It’s over. They are gone. Oh God, please bless my dauughter with a serene life Amen. Mom, stop exaggerating. No. It’s nothing, I have to talk to you when I’m there. It’s about dad. Not now, I’ll talk to you when I arrive Okay. See you. Bye bye. Dad. How is she Refika? She’s is sleeping. Okay, let’s leave her alone. What about Esra. Where is Mine? She’s with her grandmother. Okay, good. This has been going on forthousands of years. Not you, not me, we can’t change anything. I’m not sure about anything Faruk hodja. It’s betterthan being sure of everything Trust me Anyway. Thank you for yourcooperation and thank you for your patience. Games İlyas İlyas Games What is it? The guy we talked to. He just called. He said it was a matterof life or death. He said to come quickly. He says if you don’t go hodja will die. Okay, okay. Don’t worry I’m leaving. You stay with , she’s scared. Games Please. Games Okay, I’m here. Games Okay, I’m leaving. Games Okay, go. Come, sit here. Faruk hodja Faruk hodja take the camera What don’t you fıIm here