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It was just a phrase That I heard in plays I was acting a part But now when I whisper Amado mio Can’t you tell I care By the feeling there For it comes from my heart My one endeavor My love, my darling Will be to hold you And hold you tight Amado mio Love me forever And let forever Begin tonight Amado mio Love me forever And let forever Begin tonight “Let forever be tonight”? Is that a date, Gilda? I can’t make any forever dates. I’m not even divorced yet. I haven’t any right Game I don’t want you to. Want me to what? Get a divorce. You don’t? The divorce you get in Montevideo, without your husband’s consent will never stand up in Argentina, Gilda. I don’t want to go back to Argentina ever. What difference does it Game ? Or at home. You may want to go home sometime. Wherever you go for the rest of your life, you’ll be tied to him. You’ll never be free. Then it didn’t do any good to run away. No good at all. Never does any good to run away, Gilda. Go back to Buenos Aires. No. And get an annulment. Your husband left you immediately after the ceremony. There’s nothing to it. I’ll be with you. I’ll be right by your side every minute. I’m a very good lawyer, you know. I have more money than I know what to do with and I’m very much in love with you. It’s kind of a terrific combination, don’t you think? It’s kind of a terrific combination. The plane leaves at :. At : the next day you’ll be free. Darling, utterly free. I didn’t think I’d ever trust a man again as long as I lived, but here I go again. Thanks, Tom. Thanks. Tom, this is the Hotel Centenario. Isn’t it all right? I was told it’s a good hotel. Why, I think it’s wonderful. Just wonderful. I’ll do it. Your bags will be up in a minute, sir. Thank you, sir. The light switch is right here somewhere if my memory doesn’t fail me. JOHNNY: Okay, Langford. I’ll do it anyway. I’ll get an annulment. I don’t need anybody to Game Didn’t Langford tell you? There’s no annulment in Argentina. I’ll get it anyway!