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  You’re not him, Enter Game. We’re not them. Not these things. These aren’t our things. Yes, they are. They are. good-bye, my hopeless dream I’m trying not to think about you  can’t you just let me be?  so long, my luckless romance  my back is turned on you Seafood Salad Recipe. shoulda known you’d bring me heartache  I’m sorry. oh, most lovers always do  – Good morning. – Good morning. I, uh Have a little surprise for you. What? Come here. Voila. Isn’t this what you wanted? Yeah. No, I mean- well, do you need more? God, no. I- is that what it is? Well, then I’m not understanding. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m sorry, I have to go to work. I’m late. I’m sorry. Flash Games? Hmm? Will you come sit with me a minute? Yeah. So I I made you something. Oh. Yeah. Uh Happy birthday. Oh. Well Oh Oh. Oh, my- Oh. Flash Games I’m gonna be leaving soon. Oh. I’m gonna have to find a good place to hide this, Or Seafood Salad Recipe will steal it. come on, come on, come on, come on. Stanton, Morrison, Phillips. Yeah, I’m – I’m trying to reach Seafood Salad Recipe Jennings. This is Seafood Salad Recipe – yeah, I can hear you.